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Australian German Shepherd Breeders - Rhosyn Kennels 
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Australian German Shepherd Breeders - Rhosyn Kennels 
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Australian German Shepherd Breeders - Rhosyn Kennels 
Australian German Shepherd Breeders - Rhosyn Kennels 

Australian German Shepherd Breeders - Rhosyn Kennels 
Australian German Shepherd Breeders - Rhosyn Kennels 
Australian German Shepherd Breeders - Rhosyn Kennels 


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Australian German Shepherd Breeders - Rhosyn Kennels 

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rhosyn pretty in pink ( 7 )
dick vd grone ( 6 )
rhosyn yankee denim ( 6 )
rhosyn kismett ( 4 )
prima zorba ( 4 )

10 most popular dogs.
Calle v Westervenn ( 2456 )
Esko ad Haus Zygadto ( 1784 )
Rhosyn Lightening Storm ( 1461 )
Rhosyn Kismett ( 1217 )
Rhosyn Hot Koko ( 1145 )
Artus v Schloss am Worthersee ( 1096 )
Rhosyn Bam Bam ( 1005 )
Rhosyn Anika ( 963 )
Rhosyn Dangerous Affair ( 937 )
Babenberg Joachim ( 896 )

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 Name : Sire : Dam :
 Oakanagan Crisha  
 Oakanagan Nikki  
 Oakangan GunsmokeLiakar Satan Of FuhrenArras Berta
 Oakangan Nigel  
 Oakburn ArtexElvarado Super StarBarshep Virgo
 Oakburn AtreyuElvarado Super StarBarshep Virgo
 Oakburn Basic InstinctLonred ArminBarshep Virgo
 Oakburn Cactus JackElvarado Jack DanielsBarshep Virgo
 Oakburn Dare DevilLonred ArminBarshep Virgo
 Oakburn Gate CrasherLonred ArminBarshep Virgo
 Oakburn Leathal WeaponLonred ArminBarshep Virgo
 Oakburn Sole DestroyerLonred ArminBarshep Virgo
 Oakenshield AbbeyManprince AristocratOakenshield Quatha
 Oakenshield AgigiManprince AristocratOakenshield Quatha
 Oakenshield AlleManprince AristocratOakenshield Quatha
 Oakenshield ArriManprince AristocratOakenshield Quatha
 Oakenshield AssiManprince AristocratOakenshield Quatha
 Oakenshield AthaAsslan v KreuzbaumAudacitor Goldleaf
 Oakenshield BalanSwartzlic FootlooseOakenshield Yatha
 Oakenshield BariaSwartzlic FootlooseOakenshield Yatha
 Oakenshield BashaSwartzlic FootlooseOakenshield Yatha
 Oakenshield BiankaSwartzlic FootlooseOakenshield Yatha
 Oakenshield BieneSwartzlic FootlooseOakenshield Yatha
 Oakenshield BurbenSwartzlic FootlooseOakenshield Yatha
 Oakenshield CalliSirevalley BrandyOakenshield Wonni
 Oakenshield CanisGlenawly UttamOakenshield Atha
 Oakenshield CariSirevalley BrandyOakenshield Wonni
 Oakenshield CassiSirevalley BrandyOakenshield Wonni
 Oakenshield CeaSirevalley BrandyOakenshield Wonni
 Oakenshield CellySirevalley BrandyOakenshield Wonni
 Oakenshield ConanSirevalley BrandyOakenshield Wonni
 Oakenshield DathaGlenawly UttamAudacitor Goldleaf
 Oakenshield Eadda  
 Oakenshield Gunda  
 Oakenshield GunhildManprince LairdOakenshield Atha
 Oakenshield HalleGlenawly UttamOakenshield Atha
 Oakenshield HedyGlenawly UttamOakenshield Atha
 Oakenshield HeikeGlenawly UttamOakenshield Atha
 Oakenshield HenniGlenawly UttamOakenshield Atha
 Oakenshield HexeGlenawly UttamOakenshield Atha
 Oakenshield HilliGlenawly UttamOakenshield Atha
 Oakenshield IlberethGlenawly UttamOakenshield Gunda
 Oakenshield ImoiranGlenawly UttamOakenshield Gunda
 Oakenshield IrinGlenawly UttamOakenshield Gunda
 Oakenshield JadroOakenshield CanisLoddonstar Butterfly
 Oakenshield JathaOakenshield CanisLoddonstar Butterfly
 Oakenshield JennethOakenshield CanisLoddonstar Butterfly
 Oakenshield JeorlOakenshield CanisLoddonstar Butterfly
 Oakenshield JeredOakenshield CanisLoddonstar Butterfly
 Oakenshield JerianOakenshield CanisLoddonstar Butterfly
 Oakenshield JolaManprince Extra SpecialOakenshield Yatha
 Oakenshield KiliGlenawly UttamOakenshield Atha
 Oakenshield LassoOakenshield CanisLoddonstar Butterfly
 Oakenshield LathaOakenshield CanisLoddonstar Butterfly
 Oakenshield LeowulfOakenshield CanisLoddonstar Butterfly
 Oakenshield LexOakenshield CanisLoddonstar Butterfly
 Oakenshield MathaGrando v TrabersruhOakenshield Datha
 Oakenshield MaximGrando v TrabersruhOakenshield Datha
 Oakenshield MilirGrando v TrabersruhOakenshield Datha
 Oakenshield MinniGrando v TrabersruhOakenshield Datha
 Oakenshield MithilGrando v TrabersruhOakenshield Datha
 Oakenshield MordredGrando v TrabersruhOakenshield Datha
 Oakenshield MorrilGrando v TrabersruhOakenshield Datha
 Oakenshield NainGlenawly UttamOakenshield Atha
 Oakenshield NathaGlenawly UttamOakenshield Atha
 Oakenshield NoriGlenawly UttamOakenshield Atha
 Oakenshield OathaGlenawly UttamOakenshield Gunhild
 Oakenshield OinGlenawly UttamOakenshield Gunhild
 Oakenshield OndraGlenawly UttamOakenshield Gunhild
 Oakenshield OraGlenawly UttamOakenshield Gunhild
 Oakenshield OrcristGlenawly UttamOakenshield Gunhild
 Oakenshield OssiGlenawly UttamOakenshield Gunhild
 Oakenshield PaxGlenawly UttamOakenshield Atha
 Oakenshield QuasiGlenawly UttamDelpara Gai Magic
 Oakenshield QuathaGlenawly UttamDelpara Gai Magic
 Oakenshield QuaxGlenawly UttamDelpara Gai Magic
 Oakenshield QuelleGlenawly UttamDelpara Gai Magic
 Oakenshield QuiddGlenawly UttamDelpara Gai Magic
 Oakenshield QuillGlenawly UttamDelpara Gai Magic
 Oakenshield QuinnGlenawly UttamDelpara Gai Magic

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